Food Colorants

Food colorants are a group of additives that are added to food to compensate the lost color or to create the desired color. These dyes are usually divided into two categories: natural edible dyes of plant or animal origin, such as paprika, and permitted artificial edible dyes, which are made by chemical methods, such as ‘sunset yellow’.

Since continuous use of foods containing artificial dyes in the long-term could be dangerous for consumers, one of the goals of Beh Ara company is to improve product quality and increase food safety, reducing the amount of artificial dyes and replacing them with natural food dyes such as paprika.

Natural food dye -paprika E160- contains chlorophyll and vitamins C, K and E. It is soluble in water as well as oleoresin oil and gives a spectrum of dark red to light brown, but the ideal color is orange-red. It also creates a taste between sweet and spicy. This natural edible color is extracted from Capsicum annuum red pepper.

Therefore, to maintain the quality of products in terms of taste, the Chuckles production group has replaced a significant percentage of natural dyes instead of artificial dyes in their snack products, which has increased the quality of products and keeps up with global standards.