About Beh Ara


Beh Ara Company started its activities in 2005 with a joint foreign investment in the production of chips and snacks with the brand (Crunchips) under the license of the German company “Lorenz”. It should be noted that Lorenz Company, with a history of 120 years in production of chips and snacks, is one of the most reputable manufacturers of these products in the world, which is exporting to 81 countries and having its own subsidiary in five European countries.

After 4 years of successful production under the license of Lorenz German company, as well as gaining sufficient experience and information in accordance with the latest technology in the world, the management team of Beh Ara Company started to produce their products with a local brand, which resulted in the birth of "Chuckles" brand in 2009.


Traditional and without variety Production of bulk corn products in the Iranian market, led the company's executives to put a variety of new, healthy, and high-quality products along with potato chips (Crunchips) in their product portfolio. Thus, for the first time in Iran, Beh Ara company produced spiral corn snack, which was welcomed by consumers. Due to this welcome, Chuckles snacks with ball, ring and simple shapes in cheese and spicy ketchup flavors, as well as cheese and vegetables (for the first time in Iran) were also added to the Chuckles products portfolio. Following this growing trend, the company, while increasing production capacity, installed new lines to produce more diverse products such as Popcorn, breakfast cereals, traditional chips, peanut snacks, nuts and seeds, as well as cakes and cookies.

Knowledge and Technology

Managers of Beh Ara company, with their special sensitivity to the quality of their products, as well as continuous testing and monitoring of the production process, succeeded in winning the title of the top unit of the food industry in seven consecutive periods, and therefore the company became a member of the Club of Top Food Industry Units of Iran.